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Fostering with us

With positive working relationships between us and our foster careers, we have the tools and powers to effect change and positivity for our children. To build our relationships we have a two stage application process, as well as regular training sessions and constant contact with our careers.

3 steps to start your journey








Give us a confidential and no obligation telephone call to discuss your options

Come and meet up with us or we could call

in to see you in your home.

Fill in the application form and go through

the 2 stage assessment process which takes approximately four months. 

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The 2 stage assessment

Stage 1 includes:

  • A Medical assessment

  • An enhanced DBS check (criminal convictions do not necessarily prevent you from fostering

  • Local authority checks

  • A health and safety check of your home

  • Refer checks (from non-family members)

  • Fostering preparation training

Stage 2 includes:

  • More detailed questions and information gathering

  • Interviews with your close support network

  • Collating additional references from your family and friends

  • Completing additional training

Once the stages are completed, the fostering report will then be sent to the agency decision for a final decision. The whole process from the start of stage 1 takes up to 26 weeks, depending on availability.